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Nancy Pelosi Hopes ‘There’s Another Side to Story’ to Donna Brazile’s Hillary Corruption Claims!



Nancy Pelosi Hopes 'There’s Another Side to Story’ to Donna Brazile’s Hillary Corruption Claims!

First Nancy Pelosi RAN from a press conference in order to not have to answer questions about Donna Brazile’s revelations about corruption with Hillary and the DNC.

Now she is ‘hoping’ there is another side to the story. I bet she is ‘hoping’!

Pelosi is responding to comments by Elizabeth Warren when she asked if she agreed with the elections and if the DNC it was rigged in favor of Hillary and Bernie.

Pelosi started by saying “everyone goes back to re-litigate elections when you lose” before saying right now Democrats should be looking forward.

Nancy Pelosi Hopes 'There’s Another Side to Story’ to Donna Brazile’s Hillary Corruption Claims!

But Tapper brought things back to Brazile’s allegations and Pelosi said the following:

“I haven’t read her book. I have great respect for her and for Hillary Clinton and everyone concerned. But I––again, not knowing the facts of what it is, I would hope that there’s another side to the story. But that––again, that’s neither here nor there. It’s almost a waste of time, except for people to put their view of it on the record.”

Pelosi said on Sunday she doesn’t get involved in recruiting candidates for presidential elections, instead focusing her efforts on getting Democrats elected to the House of Representatives.

She hopes the DNC will work on getting party members “up and down the ballot” elected, she said.

“One of the things, as we go forward, is to give more power to the grass roots in all this,” said House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California, urging Democrats not to “relitigate elections.”

The dispute was spurred by revelations by Brazile in a memoir being released Tuesday and reported on by The Washington Post. It reflected simmering tensions between establishment and insurgent wings that will set the party’s future course on issues from its platform to the primary schedule and use of superdelegates — party leaders and elected officials who get a say in the nomination — in the 2020 presidential race.

A win for Democrats could help defuse Brazile’s book and give the party important momentum. A loss would be a big blow to other Democrats plotting a similar anti-Trump strategy in the 2018 midterm congressional races and likely spur louder calls for radical changes in the DNC heading into 2020. Also Tuesday is a New Jersey governor’s race, where Democrat Phil Murphy holds a solid lead over Republican Lt. Gov Kim Guadagno to succeed departing Gov. Chris Christie, also a Republican.

Under party rules, a DNC head can call a special meeting to fill a “vacancy” on the national ticket in the event of disability in coordination with Democratic leaders of Congress and Democratic governors, but only the full DNC can fill the vacancy. At the time, Clinton had revealed she was suffering from pneumonia.

“I don’t know what Donna Brazile fell for,” Perez said. “Hillary Clinton was anything but incapacitated. She was tireless.”

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