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Antifa Fizzles! The Start of the “Revolution” Barely Attended!



Why does Antifa cover their faces? Because if their moms find out they’ll be grounded for like a whole year! (thanks for the laugh whoever started that meme!)

November 4, 2017 was built up to be the beginning of the resistance. The goal? To ultimately unseat President Trump (even though that’s not exactly how the system works, but I digress). Antifa was going to rise up in cities around the country and protest the “Trump regime.” This was it. The beginning of the end. Instead, nobody really showed up. Too bad for those guys who got their ninja costumes off the clearance rack after Halloween! Maybe they kept their receipts…

To ensure maximum participation, the event was advertised in the New York Times with a full page ad:

Ya know what, Antifa? If you can take out a full page ad in a newspaper to announce an uprising against your government, and when you arrive, you are given police protection so you can express your beliefs, you don’t live in a fascist nation! You actually live in a free country! You do realize, I’m sure, that if we truly lived under a “regime” that you would not be able to send out Facebook invites to all your pals to come join your “movement.” I seriously doubt any of your followers can even define fascism. The ignorance is so unreal.

H/T Daily Wire

“Refuse Fascism” protests took place in 20 cities Saturday as leftists and “anti-Fascists” took to the streets to protest the “Trump-Pence regime.” But unlike earlier protests — particularly the ones that took place in the wake of the 2016 election — the Refuse Fascism demonstrations were mostly peaceful.

But mostly because no one showed up.

The mainstream media was quick to announce that there were no arrests and only minimal unrest at the two dozen or so protests that took place Saturday, but, oddly enough, there was little mention of crowd size — except to reference the massive crowds that took to the streets last year. That’s because even in major cities like Chicago and New York, the protests were best described as “anemic.”

In Chicago, only around 100 people showed up to protest in a cold drizzle Saturday morning. The group marched around for a bit before ending up at Chicago’s Trump Tower where they held a sparsely attended rally. They were appropriately outfitted with signs denouncing Trump’s “radical agenda” and painting the president as a crypto-Nazi, but were forced to cover their black fatigues with raincoats and umbrellas.

The protests in New York were a little stronger, but videos of the event on social media show a crowd that’s perhaps only slightly larger than the tourist presence that regularly overtakes Times Square.

In Philadelphia, there was a lot of milling around.

In Los Angeles, there were more police officers than people there to protest police officers.

Last year, protests in several major cities reached upwards of half a million people each.

Early reports seemed to indicate that Antifa and Refuse Fascism leaders had planned incidents of violence as part of their protests, but organizers quickly denied those rumors and pointed to at least one viral story — about a planned “beheading” — as a hoax.

As a measure of damage control, the Refuse Fascism organizers were quick to tell present media that the November 5 “day of action” was meant to be only the beginning of a “season of marches” that could include various “occupations” in protest of the “Trump-Pence regime.” If that’s true, they’re a bit late on the uptake; Trump has already been president nearly a year.”

We have all seen Antifa members being interviewed and having no idea what they are even protesting. These sheeple are simply blindly following the anti-Trump nuts without any actual idea of what they are even protesting. It’s almost like it was just trendy for a little while.

The good news is, because they announced their “revolution,” counter protests were arranged and quickly dwarfed the Antifa crazies. People continue to underestimate the support across this nation for Donald Trump. Just because Trump supporters aren’t always the loudest mouths out there, doesn’t mean we aren’t the most numerous.

And while the MSM would love for us to think that Antifa is some major force out there to be reckoned with, the truth is, it’s a bunch of kids who already seemed to have moved on to the next thing. There’s probably some new video game out this weekend that stole their attention. Actually, the new Mario game did just come out last week…hmmmm.

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