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Nancy Pelosi: ‘I Don’t Have A Spare Second’ To Think About DNC Corruption [VIDEO]



Nancy Pelosi: ‘I Don’t Have A Spare Second’ To Think About DNC Corruption [VIDEO]

Nancy Pelosi is not interested in the recent revelations of deep corruption with Hillary and the DNC, incredibly acting like it does not exist.

Pelosi  says that she will focus on the next election and not about the comments that were made by the DNC.

“I have responsibility for what I have responsibility for. I don’t have any interest in what I don’t have any responsibility for when it comes to other campaigns.”

Pelosi was asked to respond to allegations made by Brazile in a Politico piece on Thursday. A longtime Democratic political consultant, Brazile wrote that she obtained documents that showed that DNC leadership, including former chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, stacked the deck in favor of Clinton as early as Aug. 2015.

She also alleged that DNC leaders kept the scheme secret and that the Clinton campaign essentially controlled the DNC’s finances well before Clinton won the primaries.

Pelosi bragged on Friday that she is the Democratic party’s biggest fundraiser, but she sloughed off the idea that her leadership position requires her to delve into intra-party squabbles.

“I haven’t had time to be reading any of that anyway,” she said.

“There will be all kinds of books written about what happened,” she continued, inadvertently citing the title of Clinton’s latest book, “What Happened.”

Former DNC Chair Donna Brazil just wrote the book and it reveals just how corrupt Hillary, Debbie Wasserman Schults, and the DNC really was during the election!

The former interim-chief of the Democratic National Committee opened up about the financial turmoil within the organization as well as the heartbreak she experienced when she uncovered evidence indicating Hillary Clinton commandeered the committee well before she nabbed the presidential nomination.

“When I was asked to run the Democratic Party after the Russians hacked our emails, I stumbled onto a shocking truth about the Clinton campaign.”

Brazile, in newly released excerpts of her forthcoming book, alleges that an unethical agreement was signed between Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the DNC to keep the party financially afloat.

She also alleges that Obama left the DNC bankrupt.

In excerpts from “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House,” published in Politico, Brazile writes the DNC was rigged in Clinton’s favor because her campaign was largely financing the party early on in the presidential election.

The agreement was made in part to financially revive the party, which had been in debt since the 2012 reelection of President Barack Obama, according to Brazile.

The excerpt concludes with Brazile’s explaining the situation to Sanders over the phone. She recounted how she urged the Vermont Senator to push his followers toward Clinton and continue to fight as the “alternative was a person who would put the very future of the country in peril.

“When I hung up the call to Bernie, I started to cry, not out of guilt, but out of anger,” Brazile wrote. “We would go forward. We have to.”

This story has legs. This is huge. Like I said, get our the popcorn!

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