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Arrested for Swearing: Six Officers Restrain Liberal Reporter for Cursing



I’m a bit torn on this one, but I’m coming down on the side of the cops here. In Fairfax County, Virginia, a liberal reporter was arrested by six officers for swearing and cursing at them. He was warned and he poked the blue badger with unexpected results. Mike Stark is a reporter with ShareBlue. He was covering a parade that was also attend by Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie. He was standing in the entrance of a parking lot when a police officer told him to get back on the sidewalk. That’s when things went off the rails for Stark.

Things escalated quickly when Stark told an officer, “I’m a f***ing reporter doing my job.” He really should have shown some respect and watched his mouth. The officer told him bluntly, “If you curse again, in front of us, you’re going to jail.” Stark, not giving a crap for authority, then went off again and said, “F*** this.” That was enough for the officers and they set about arresting the idiot.

The video showcasing all this shows two officers arresting Stark. They attempted to cuff him and sirens blared. He was bigger than the cops and definitely resisted arrest. One officer knocked Stark’s leg out from under him to take him to the ground. That’s a common technique. The two officers get on top of him and restrained him. Four other officers join the dog pile. One officer appears to press his knee down on Stark’s head, while another demands he put one of his arms, which is trapped under his body, behind his back.

For swearing, off to jail he went. Stark was eventually charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He was released on $3,000 bond. This genius learned the hard way that there is a law on the books there that forbids swearing in public. Fairfax County Code 5-1-1 says that “if any person profanely curse or swear or be drunk in public he shall be deemed guilty of a Class 4 misdemeanor.” I’m sure it is rarely used except on belligerent asshats like this.

Is this constitutional? I kind of doubt it… freedom of speech and all that, but then again, I doubt this goes all the way up the legal food chain either. It should be common sense to not get in the face of a cop. But some people have little of that and really just hate cops. This guy is one of them. Stark claims he has been harassed for months by the Gillespie campaign. He probably had it coming.

He claims Gillespie has repeatedly dodged questions from him about his so-called increasingly racist campaign, uncomfortable endorsement from Donald Trump and his use of his position in the Bush White House to do the bidding of his corporate lobbying clients. What a commie this guy is. You know what I think? I think everyone had just had enough of his bull crap and he got what he deserved. No sympathy here.

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