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Jesse Jackson: Going From Picking Cotton Balls to Picking Footballs Without Freedom Isn’t Progress



The Reverend Jesse Jackson has surfaced once again. This time on Fox Sports 1’s “Undisputed.” He brought his race-baiting rhetoric into the discussion of the National Anthem protests. What he said was so outrageous, I can’t believe they didn’t kick him off the set. Instead, he was told it was an honor to have him. Go figure. He had the unmitigated nerve to tell Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe that black athletes haven’t made “very much progress” since the days of slavery. And he was serious in a conman sort of way.

Jackson zeroed in on the wildly misinterpreted third verse of the National Anthem. That’s the fall back for all those crying racism over the National Anthem. They use it as if they actually understand it, which they don’t. Jackson’s racist speech on air was just embarrassing. I actually thought this guy would not show his face in public again after his son went to prison. Silly me. He had the gall to say that blacks who make millions playing in the NFL and the NBA haven’t really come very far from black slaves who picked cotton. Their bank accounts, investments, mansions, cars, wives and pools say otherwise, you dolt. The problem here is Jackson himself doesn’t know what picking cotton was like. My family does and we are white. So spare us the platitudes already.

“To go from picking cotton balls to picking footballs and basketballs without freedom is not very much progress,” Jackson said on the show. “It’s just a lateral move.” Really? Because I thought under slavery you owned nothing and were simply owned. That’s not the case for these spoiled, entitled players of the NFL. They live a life that almost no other American could ever dream of and you compare that to slavery? To toiling in the cotton fields? Jesse Jackson is delusional and these hosts that encourage him feed his psychosis willingly. There is no oppression here and as Ben Stein astutely noted, no institutionalized racism.

I’m insulted by this off the charts race-baiting. It’s disgusting. I’m sure most people join me in being disgusted over all this faux racial persecution. It’s laughable. Cops are not murdering black people all over the place. America is the freest nation in the world with the lowest level of racism on the planet. Kneeling during the National Anthem is an effort to show hatred for America, the National Anthem, our flag, police officers, the military and first responders. It was cooked up by Black Lives Matter and communists. Jesse Jackson is part of both of those factions.

Black people are not the only ones who are persecuted as far as that goes. People of all races and walks of life are subject to that by a very small minority of Americans. And those crying racism and the biggest offenders. There are black athletes in football, baseball, golf, tennis, hockey and basketball… many are wealthy and far from enslaved. That doesn’t include others that are entertainers, rock stars and politicians. It certainly doesn’t account for wealthy business people and entrepreneurs who are black. What Jackson said is grossly insulting to all those who have succeeded no matter their race, gender, religion or background. He’s an absolute disgrace just like Al Sharpton is.

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