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While Republicans Save ObamaCare, Trump Sets it Up to Fail!



While Republicans Save ObamaCare, Trump Sets it Up to Fail!

The president has not had any success in repealing ObamaCare because the do-nothing congress has failed to do their job.

The White House says this is the most critical time of the year for enrollment and it is in the hands of Trump and his administration.

Trump says he wants ObamaCare to explode so that it can renew the effort to repeal ObamaCare.

He isn’t just waiting for that to happen. He has halved the length of open enrollment. Trump has slashed spending on advertising and assistance programs. His administration has even pulled out of outreach events at the last minute.

He is dismantling it piece by piece.

While Republicans Save ObamaCare, Trump Sets it Up to Fail! goes into detail:

The entire health care law could be at stake. Advertising and outreach are primarily targeted to younger and healthier people, who are essential to the law’s goal of affordable insurance coverage for all Americans. If their enrollment drops while older, sicker people keep signing up, premiums are going to increase even more next year.

It’s the start of a death spiral, a self-perpetuating cycle of price hikes and falling enrollment — which is exactly what Trump has said he wants.

“I think what this cumulative activity can do is start that death spiral,” Kathleen Sebelius, President Obama’s health and human services secretary during the ACA’s first open enrollment, told me.

Obamacare supporters are already conceding that as a result of these cuts, they likely won’t be able to match last year’s 12 million sign-ups. “I don’t actually think that’s possible anymore,” Lori Lodes, who worked on Obamacare enrollment in the Obama administration, told me.

We will know by December 15, the end of this year’s open enrollment period, how much the White House has succeeded in gutting Obamacare. By embracing this strategy, the Trump administration has put its political goals ahead of the millions of people who depend on the ACA for insurance.

“I really do think what they want to be able to do is come out on December 16 and say, ‘See, we told you Obamacare is imploding; it’s failing,’” Lodes said. “When the reality is they are going to be responsible because of the decisions they’ve made to undermine open enrollment.”

In other words, the Trump administration is cutting funding for outreach, cutting funding for enrollment assistance, and dropping out of partnerships to support enrollment, while shrinking the window for people to sign up for coverage, sowing doubts about whether people will be required to have insurance, and making threats that drive up premiums.

ObamaCare was doing a fine job of failing on it’s own and it should not take a whole lot to push it over.

Obamacare supporters are trying to fill the gaps with grassroots programs like the Get Covered campaign, run by former Obama administration officials. But they do not have the same resources as the federal government.

Hopefully as ObamaCare is failing, maybe Congress will see that Trump wants a solution for ObamaCare and will reach a deal to repeal and replace ObamaCare with a fix to help Americans find a reasonable healthcare for next year.

ObamaCare has really made Americans pay more for their health insurance and to look else where for affordable health care for themselves.

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