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WATCH the Moment This Defiant Concert Goer Flips the Vegas Shooter the Bird as Bullets Rain Down Around Him: [VIDEO]



A DEFIANT music fan flips the bird at the Mandalay Bay gunman as a hail of bullets is fired on the audience around him. Amid screams of terror and machine-gun like fire all around him – one  man stood up and faced the crazed Las Vegas maniac to let the sociopath in the Mandalay Bay Tower know what he thought:

FU**CK YOU!  As he flipped the bird to the murderous Stephen Paddock  while the psycho rained down deadly bullets on the crowd.

Clutching a can of beer, the unnamed man can be seen standing up searching for the source of the gunfire – while everyone else takes cover.

It’s surreal – worthy of a scene out of the movie, “Patton.” Scroll down for unbelievable video:

Not only didn’t he spill his beer,  he took a few gulps in between giving Paddock the finger while people were being injured and murdered all around him.

WATCH the video below as the man continues to stand up and look for the shooter another person begs him to “get the f*** down”.  The brave concert-goer does not heed the advice and continues to scan the area for the shooter. When it becomes apparent where the gunfire is coming from, our beer-drinking dude does his thing and does what I doubt anyone else would have in the same situation:

The crack-crack of automatic fire can be heard but because of the echo it is unclear where it is coming from, leading to confusion about where to safely run. The reveller takes a swig from his beer as he tries to scope out the attacker.

And only after this defiant gesture does he finally take cover.

Police said Paddock, who lived in a town around 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, had opened fire on the crowds below from the upper reaches of the giant hotel located on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

Stephen Paddock (above) has been named as the shooter responsible for the mass killing in Las Vegas. Coward killed himself too. I’m giving him the middle finger right now, but not sure I could get drunk enough to do what our hero in the video did.