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Kasich gets a citation for “improper passing” of an emergency vehicle for not moving over for a police officer stopped on the side of the road.

At the time (January 2008) he was a Managing Director with Lehman Brothers. Yes, this is an old story, but an important one. Very few know about this abomination.

Sheriff David Clarke was on it during the election:

But the story does not stop there:

Kasich is an IDIOT! There!!! I said it!!! (Insert Mark Levin’s Voice)!

The video of this traffic stop, where John Kasich did not yield to the situation on the side of the highway as he passed a fully lighted traffic stop, AND his remarks after, will make you FURIOUS!

The officer in Columbus, Ohio was kind, professional, and doing his job completely within protocol.

In fact, this LEO did an EXCEPTIONAL job of handling the situation correctly!

10 days later,  Kasich bad mouths him in front of the Ohio EPA workers, LYING like a CHILD!!! The whole tale is caught on camera!

We definitely have a serious problem with a few in law enforcement, abusing their position, and affecting the overwhelming majority that proudly serve well.

To demean one of America’s bravest, with blatant lies…is HORRIFIC! This fine officer is DEFINITELY not one of the bad guys!

Watch the video, and then we will discuss it!

The video begins with a speech that Kasich gave 10 days after the stop, as he addresses a group of Ohio EPA workers.

“I had this IDIOT, pull me over on highway 315,” Kasich begins…

Then Kasich proceeds to explain how this fine law enforcement officer explained that the reason was a failure to yield.

Kasich LIES again, explaining, as he did to the cop in the dashcam video, that he had not seen the blaring lights on the side of the road!

DID NOT SEE IT? Lying again. How could you miss it? Now, in all fairness, Kasich might have not seen it…

…BECAUSE he was not paying attention to his driving!!

THAT would be more dangerous than not yielding!!

Ask yourself this question. “Have I ever NOT seen the blaring flashing lights of an emergency vehicle a mile away, let alone when right on the situation?”

Of course not!! You CAN’T miss it!!! Everyone else saw them! No one else missed it! Everyone else yielded! …again caught on the dash cam!

After Kasich tells the story to the audience, he again claims that this fine LEO, “Is and idiot!”

NOOOOO! YOU Sir, are the IDIOT, and a LYING IDIOT at that!


I used to respect you. You have slowly destroyed that this primary season. This video destroyed any ounce I had left!

There! I said it! John Richard Kasich is an IDIOT!


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