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California and Texas, the country’s two most populous states, have for decades offered two opposing views of the United States and California is losing BIG!

Texas is the huge benefactor of taxpayers moving out of Democrat ran states like California to move to a better economy and a better standard of living.

According to an analysis of IRS data by Americans for Tax Reform, Democrat led states are losing around $16 billion in adjusted gross income (AGI).

At a gain of 6 billion dollars and 150,000 new taxpayers, Texas gained almost half of that in 2015 and the trend is definitely not slowing down.

The top 5 losers are: (Democrat Governors)

New York (114,929 people with $5.7 billion in AGI)
Illinois (68,943 people with $3.8 billion in AGI)
California (47,458 people with $3.8 billion in AGI)
Connecticut (14,453 people with $1.8 billion in AGI)
Massachusetts (11,915 people with $1 billion in AGI)

The top 5 winners are: (Republican Governors)

Texas (152,912 people with $6 billion in AGI)
Florida (74,094 people with $8.3 billion in AGI)
South Carolina (29,176 people with $1.6 billion in AGI)
North Carolina (26,207 people with $1.5 billion in AGI)
Arizona (16,549 people with $1.5 billion in AGI)

“People move away from high tax states to low tax states. Every tax refugee is sending a powerful message to politicians,” said ATR President Grover Norquist. “They are voting with their feet. Leaders in Texas and Florida are listening. New York and California are not.”

It is a great American past time to vote with our wallets and our feet.

The 10th Amendment reserved the huge bulk of power for the states. Thus each state has within it’s power to thrive or collapse. When things get bad in one state, people move in droves to the states that are thriving.

Texas and California have an almost identical set of resources, yet Texas has fostered a thriving economy using those resources and California has stifled economic growth with over-regulation.

Texas has created an atmosphere that encourages business, California has created an atmosphere that makes businesses flee.

No jobs, people flee!

Texas has had four times the job growth of California over the last 20 years. Texas unemployment is almost 50 percent below California’s. It really is not rocket science.

Hundreds of companies a year have been migrating from CA to TX. They are taking jobs, and thus the taxpayers with them.  Farmers Bros Coffee and Toyota being the latest in a huge line of companies that employees thousands.

As former governor Rick Perry pointed out for years,  it costs twice the amount to rent a U-Haul one way from TX to CA as it does the reverse. U-Haul has to keep driving the empty trucks back to CA for someone to rent again for a move to Texas!

California has ‘bold solutions’ to remedy the situation. Gov. Jerry Brown pleads with fleeing companies to stay in California, and ostracizes those that are leaving. How’s that workin’ out for you California?

But the ultra-liberal Sacramento has no immediate plans to truly remedy the situation. There are no plans to create a healthier business climate in CA. Zero plans to stabilize taxes, foster de-regulation, or to offer business incentives to stop the great migration out of California to Texas and other business friendly states.

Business climate and lack of jobs is only a portion of the problems caused by Sacramento creating an influx of families leaving California for Texas and other states. California dumping trillions of gallons of water into the ocean to protect a bait fish. Then they declare an emergency water shortage. THAT is a WHOLE OTHER STORY!

Maybe when the only jobs left are at the toll booths at the Golden Gate Bridge, California will reverse the trend…


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