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How crazy is THIS? What kind of a moron leaves a pet tied up to a tree in a hurricane? This owner should be prosecuted.


H/T Right Wing News:

Hurricanes don’t just displace and kill humans, but animals as well. Unfortunately we don’t hear about that in the media.  Animals just aren’t considered as important as people.

Regardless of whether you believe that is true, we can all agree that life is life.  Abandoning a defenseless animal in a situation that will almost certainly kill it is a total jerk move.

The state of Florida agrees and is threatening to press charges against anyone who left their pet behind during hurricane Irma.


Authorities say that most of the animals they’ve rescued from the flood waters have been caged in pens and tied to poles, likely so their owners would be able to find them when they got back. In the days before the storm hit, Palm Beach Animal Care and Control was forced to rescue 49 dogs that were left outside to fend for themselves.

“This is a prime example of animal cruelty.” said Palm Beach County state prosecutor Dave Aronberg said, before adding “We will find you, and we will prosecute you.”

They plan to file felony charges against those who left their pets outside before the storm.


Animal Care and Control also took in 40 animals who were given to them by the pets’ owners who intended to flee the storm. Once you give up an animal, you have completely relinquished your rights to it and can not get it back when the storm is over. The animals will be placed in pet-friendly shelters to ride out the storm.

The ASPCA also did what they could in the wake of Irma to rescue about 600 animals that were either left in shelters or abandoned. The organization’s Vice President Tim Rickley released a statement urging pet owners to be prepared before a major storm hits.

“It’s critical for pet owners to consider their animals when preparing for any disaster, and we strongly urge them to always bring their animals with them if they have to evacuate their home,” he said.


I have always believed a pet IS part of the family. Sure you were facing a disaster, Hurricane Irma. But did you really have to leave a family member behind? How sad for all these animals to now be turned over to an animal shelter.

For the idiots that left their dogs tied up to a tree during at least 60-80 mph winds….are you crazy!? What are you a moron?! How would you like to be tied up to a tree and left in torrential rain and wind during an historic storm like Hurricane Irma? Talk about animal cruelty. You should be shot!

I hope officials in Florida issue fines to these owners. Although, I’m betting most of these owners never show up to claim their pets. These pets deserve better owners and homes anyway. Again, what kind of an owner would leave their pet tied up to a tree or in a cage during a hurricane? At least if you are going to abandon it, let the animal fend for itself. In a cage with flooding or a surge, a pet is most likely to drown. Let’s hope next time, their new owner will take better care of them.


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