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The biggest leading anti-Trump group (besides all those annoying keyboard warrior trolls on facebook) who go by the name of Refuse Fascism are now surprisingly going after Nancy Pelosi and even other Democrats who they think are playing ball with Trump. They are accusing these Democrats of abetting the “fascism” of President Trump. (No such thing…but whatever)

Apparently, they are the leading experts on identifying fascists, since that is the very name of their group. At least that is what they like to tell themselves every day in their Mother’s bathroom mirror after waking up in her make-shift bedroom in the basement. But reality is, they are the Fascists, and need to go slap themselves.

Very recently, this disgusting group of losers posted a statement declaring that they support Antifa, all while making sure to attack prominent left-wingers for not being horrible enough human beings like Antifa to earn their praise. Now, Pelosi, as much as we all on the right attack her for her asinine beliefs and wicked ways, is now also being attacked by Refuse Fascism due to her denouncement of Antifa.

Get a look at what some of this group’s statement include:

“One side if right. One side is wrong,” and therefore that saying both Antifa and neo-Nazis are idiots is bad form.

“The threats and attacks on Antifa and anyone else standing up against fascism, especially attempts by the state to brand them as “terrorist” or put them on watchlists, must be opposed,” meaning that anyone who says Antifa is a bunch of jerks must be opposed.”

“That Trump and Pence are responsible for “the most brutal and terroristic [form] of fascism in America…”

Here’s the thing folks. The FBI and the Dept of Homeland Security have for a long time been warning about Antifa, since even early last year. Denouncing Anifa, isn’t a new thing, because it was happening on a high level since the Obama administration even. The difference is, Obama didn’t bother to do much with the information of their existence and destruction.

Here, allow Ben Shapiro to explain. He has the perfect words to do so…

Just last week we told you all about a petition that is going around wanting to designate George Soros as a terrorist. This wicked man and billionaire continues to fun chaotic, Marxist, left-wing groups and events…ones we are all familiar with. Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the list goes on. Any group that chooses violence, and division as their choice of action.

This is a petition you might want to support.

Because of this knowledge, we all know that Refuse Fascism can afford to organize mass uprisings and demonstrations…they have all the funding they need, and their moral compasses being bought right along with the signing over of their souls. They do not care for right or wrong, they only care for money. Greed is the enemy here. Satan is the overlord. Or George Soros… they are easily one and the same.

The next mass riot on their schedule is a massive national demonstration that is currently in the books for November 4th. They are looking to cause so much havoc that they disrupt the “ability to govern” for American leaders in effect hoping for them to “lose respect and legitimacy in the eyes of people here and internationally.”

Their words, not mine.

Stay informed…and pray for this country, her people, and her President.

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