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When it comes to politics, Kid Rock is no stranger. He has been around the block a few times. In 2012, Kid Rock campaigned for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. In 2016, he praised Dr. Ben Carson prior to endorsing Donald Trump for President.

“I’m digging Trump,”the 46-year-old told Rolling Stone last February. “My feeling: Let the motherf**king business guy run it like a f**king business.”

As you can imagine, liberals in Michigan are having a tizzy fit. They can’t control Kid Rock. Kid Rock can’t be put into their neat little box of ‘republicans’. It’s driving them crazy. That and the fact, they never know what Rock will say!


H/T Right Wing News

Kid Rock has been causing quite a stir lately with the idea that he may be running for the Senate in the state of Michigan. To top it off, he has been reveling in the chaos.

He has left no safe space unravaged and no snowflake unmelted in his quest to become the next Donald Trump. Believe it or not, it has ticked off many Americans to no end. His ability to make headlines simply by opening his mouth is something that the rest of us wish we could do. In addition, his conservative political beliefs are exactly what America needs right now.

He has a “take no crap” demeanor that would prevent him from being pushed around in Congress. Obviously, this is something we need more of, given the current political climate where everyone merely pays lip service to their constituencies and then makes deals with the devil behind closed doors.

Kid Rock is back with another profanity-laden message for the American people who are as sick and tired of the left-wing shenanigans.

People! Pay NO attention to the garbage the extreme left is trying to create! (and by the way, f*ck the extreme left and the extreme right!)” he wrote in a lengthy social media post.

The Detroit-area native, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, was responding to a planned protest by the National Action Network’s (NAN) Detroit chapter of his six upcoming Detroit concerts. The first is scheduled for Tuesday.

Pretty funny how scared I have them all and their only agenda is to try and label people / me racist who do not agree or cower to them,” he continued. “My track record in Detroit and Michigan speaks for itself, and I would dare anyone talking trash to put theirs up against mine. I am also a homeowner and taxpayer in the city of Detroit, so suck on that too!”

He also took the time away from his rant to attack Al Sharpton and his National Action Network right where it hurts.  It is freaking glorious.

“So for the unforeseen future I will focus my philanthropy efforts on other organizations besides the ones I have supported in the past,” he noted.

“I would however employ that NAN go ahead and make up these losses since they claim to be so good for Detroit and do not want me opening the arena and generating tons of jobs and tax dollars for the city and people I LOVE… IDIOTS! ….. (Has Al Sharpton even paid his back taxes yet?)”

The civil rights group, NAN, last week called for their cancellation because of Kid Rock’s past display of the Confederate flag during performances and his recent criticism of black former NFL player Colin Kaepernick for refusing to stand during the national anthem last year.

 And Colin Kaepernick wasn’t safe. The former quarterback received the brunt of Rock’s pro-American message.

To be clear – F*ck ANYONE who takes a knee or sits during our national anthem,” he wrote, clearly singling out Kaepernick.

“Pretty sure if Russell Wilson or Tom Brady were doing it they would have no problem finding a job playing for any team they wanted in the NFL! So cut the bullsh*t!”

I don’t know if the United States is ready for Kid Rock. But hey, many Americans weren’t prepared for Donald Trump as president either. They laughed at that idea too, but look where we are today!

So, yes! It is pretty funny how all scared the media and liberals are about Kid Rock.

Kid Rock for Senate….It certainly could happen. I kid you not!


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