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Leave it to certain individuals to take advantage of the storm that recently slammed Florida, Hurricane Irma. Irma caused major flooding, power outages and uprooted trees. This violent hurricane was one of the strongest in the Atlantic to hit Florida in over a decade.

But while many were seeking protection and bunkering down, it seems some idiots were actually out in the storm taking advantage of the disaster. They were out looting stores – specifically Simon’s Sportswear and others for shoes. I guess they felt why pay for new sneakers, when you can just lift them for free. Forget ‘blue light specials’ at Walmart…this was a Hurricane Irma special.


H/T Right Wing News:

There is nobody as junk-punch-worthy as a person who uses a natural disaster to steal from others. Seriously, looters should be strung up from telephone poles by their toenails for exploiting tragedy. There is no excuse for it.

Of course, Miami police decided to take the more socially-acceptable approach of just locking them up in conventional prison cells, and refusing to release hundreds of spiders into said cells.

Buncha wimps.


They posted a picture of several looters in lock up, faces blurred for safety, and warned others who might be thinking about engaging in the criminal activities against the idea.

“Thinking about looting? Ask these guys how that tuned [sic] out” they wrote on their Facebook page.

Fort Lauderdale Police Department updated their Twitter account with a message stating that “9 individuals were arrested” after attempting to loot businesses that were abandoned prior to Hurricane Irma.

#FLPD Looters ARRESTED! 9 individuals were arrested Looting CashAmerica Pawn & Simon’s on W Sunrise Blvd. — Fort Lauderdale PD (@FLPD411) September 10, 2017

Similiar situations were reported in other cities in Florida as well during Hurricane Irma, this one in Orlando.

Orlando Police Officers managed to peacefully resolve an instance of burglary involving two suspects, and arrested the men who will be charged with the crime.

A 3PM curfew was instated on Saturday, and as many as 25 people were arrested after breaking said curfew, which can result in a fine up up to $500 and 60 days behind bars.

 In times like this, Americans of all colors, creeds, ages and ethnicity need to come together to help, not harm. Unfortunately, many thugs didn’t get that particular memo and are now paying for their crimes, thanks to our law enforcement or police officers that protect our communities.

These idiots should know by now, that looting during natural disasters almost always constitutes a higher fine and longer jail time, as there are very few states, counties and cities that are willing to put up with idiots. Idiots that not only destroy property and take what doesn’t belong to them, but that use a disaster at the expense of others.

I’m glad to see police departments holding these idiots accountable. Thousands of residents have lost enough already as a result of Hurricane Irma, the last thing they need is to have their lives made more difficult by criminals who think it’s appropriate to loot.

I think these idiots should be put on some kind of cleanup patrol. Maybe they should serve some time giving back to the community. Take their stupid lazy butts outside and have them clean up some of the debris from Hurricane Irma. That should show them what a little hard work is all about….in reality, sadly not though.

These morons need to be taught a lesson. Not all things in life are FREE…especially during a hurricane.

Want to bet how many of these lowlifes have jobs or have even applied for one? Talk about scumbags.

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