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The Detroit Lions Tate Golden made a patriotic move during the September 11th game that makes Kaepernick look like a childish fool.

Tate wore cleats honoring the brave men and women who served, some with their lives, during the 9/11 attacks.

Tate posted a photo of his game-day cleats on Instagram early Sunday morning.

The cleats show the iconic image of three fire fighters raising the American flag over the rubble. The shoes also read,

“Land of the free because of the brave.”

Now the Wide Receiver for the Detroit Lions could pay a huge price for what he did at the special game last night.

Countless first responders also rushed to the deadly scenes and did their best to save as many lives as possible. Clearly, Tate isn’t going to let the memory of those heroes disappear.

Perhaps not surprising was the complete lack of coverage of this incredible sentiment, especially compared to every player who has protested so far.

Had Tate not shared his tribute and a photo of these awesome cleats he wore on social media, his tribute would have been in silence since cameras at the game didn’t show what he was wearing.

It’s good to see that this barrage of hate from almost a year ago didn’t get him down or prevent him from coming out with another statement in what he wore, that’s counter to the NFL culture this season.

“Colin Kaepernick should be taking notes from Tate on how to properly show respect and honor for one’s country and the people who sacrifice more than we could ever imagine to protect our way of life and our right to liberty,” Michael Cantrell reported for Allen B. West.

The NFL is facing some major backlash now from both sides of the political aisle, which they had coming. Conservatives are rightfully irate that players are allowed to openly disrespect the flag and liberals are accusing the league of being “racist” for not giving Kaepernick his job back.

This is the end result of letting politics mix with sports when they should have stopped the protesting from the start.

Colin Kaepernick’s disgusting statements have outlasted his career and carried over into this season with a vengeance. At just about every game, there’s an entitled player who sits out for the anthem to look like a social justice hero.

Thanks to what this now unemployable former football started, Americans just wanting to relax and watch football now can’t do so without an anti-American message with almost every game.

This ridiculous trend has led to many fans boycotting the NFL, especially after the league commissioner came out in support of players protesting. However, despite all of the negative attention entitled players have called to the sport, there are a few who are being ignored for all of the wrong reasons and it’s easy to see why the Lions’ Golden Tate didn’t get any air time for what he did during the Sunday night game, the day before the 9/11 anniversary, but may still be fined for it.

Those who watched football last night did so with a keen eye on the sidelines for who was going to take the disrespectful protest to the next level around this particular day.

While everyone seemed to stay on their feet for the anthem, there was no attention put on one thing in particular that Tate wore to this game.

It needs to be seen in a season of this sport where patriotism and respect seem to have been lost.

Take that Colin Kaepernick!

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