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For many this is coming as such welcomed news! It’s HUGE! Justice Anthony Kennedy of the US Supreme Court has just issued a temporary order that is allowing Trump and his administration to move forward maintaining the restrictive policy on refugees. At least for now. The request for SCOTUS to block a lower liberal court ruling that was set to allow up to 24,000 refugees to enter the United States, has now been blocked. Again..for now.

You can bet there will be an awful lot of triggering going on today from the left.

Oh well.

If this had not been done, then refugees would have been allowed to come in if a resettlement agency agreed to take them in, and only that…no other requirements needed. This disastrous ruling would have been put into action today, had this temporary ban not been allowed to take place. Now for now, SCOTUS has not ruled on the temporary ban on visitors from six mostly Muslim countries, and in fact they have ruled that grandparents and cousins of people already here in America cannot be excluded from the country under the travel ban. This alone, is a pretty scary thought and I have a feeling that hindsight is going to kick some butt on this one.

However, the fact that refugees only needing a resettlement agency agreeing to take them in has been blocked…well, we can start counting our lucky stars. Even just that is going to make a big difference. Had it not gone into effect when it did, it would be disastrous. For now it is at least temporarily shot down. The President himself has the every constitutional right to do this, so it won’t be to surprising if this becomes a permanent ruling.

Truth is, it’s comforting to see there is still some commonsense going down in the courts. If they had made it so that all was needed was an agency to accept refugees, it would literally negate all that Trump is trying to do and would end up being a forever revolving door for refugees to come through into America…thus also including terrorists.

The kicker that got the courts to see the light? The Trump administration made it very clear that changing the way we enforce the policy on refugees would allow “admission of refugees who have no connection to the United States independent of the refugee-admission process itself” Obviously, the high court agreed.

Here’s hoping there is only more good news to come.

Let’s get more of that “commonsense” going on… shall we?

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