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Laura Ingraham is evidently heading for prime time on Fox News. This is a desperate move to shore up ratings as Fox News is in free-fall over them currently. They are consistently second behind MSNBC. That’s just awful and not too long ago, unthinkable. But after losing a ton of talent and specifically Bill O’Reilly, I don’t think anyone is surprised. Eric Bolling was let go this week and that just made things worse for the network.

The only things holding Fox News together right now are Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and The Five. Hannity is still a powerhouse for ratings. Tucker Carlson is crushing his competition and The Five is struggling. So, time for a major shake up. Laura Ingraham’s show is part of a big change in the lineup once again at Fox. Hannity, who was at 10 pm EST, will now go to 9 pm. Tucker Carlson will remain at 8 pm. The Five will go to its namesake, 5 pm, filling the void left by Bolling. Ingraham will premiere in the 10 pm time slot.

After O’Reilly’s departure, the network went pretty much populist, gambling on Trump followers to give them steam. That has not happened. Ingraham is another Trump supporter, so they evidently think they haven’t hit that nail hard enough. I don’t think it will work, cheerleading almost never does. Bringing on constitutional conservatives is too much to hope for I guess.

FNC said “there’s no deal in place with Laura Ingraham at this time,” but she told friends it’s a done deal, according to CNN. Ingraham is a formidable voice in politics. She’s an attorney, an author and a radio show host. Her speech at the Republican National Convention last year was a barn burner. Fox is hoping she brings that fire to the network.

Laura Ingraham is massively popular with a huge following. I imagine she will do very well at Fox. She was a frequent contributor there. I’m sure her show will be a good one. But if you were looking for the old Fox, I think those days are gone. At least for now. But there is no doubt she channels the feelings of President Trump’s base and challenges Republican establishment figures. I’ve seen her be critical of Trump, but in a supportive way for the right, which is good.

I’m actually surprised that Fox News has not brought Tammy Bruce and Mark Steyn on permanently. Both are great and would have a huge following as well. Perhaps some of that is in the works. But for now, Ingraham will be a stellar addition to the lineup and a much needed injection of new conservative blood.

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