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A boatload of dozens of male African migrants landed on a Spanish beach right in front of several shocked families that were on holiday there to enjoy time with their loved ones. As the watched the unexpected events unfold, several of them ran in fear, while others stayed to film the jaw-dropping happenings that were going on right there in front of them.

The migrants leaped out of the black inflatable boat and started to make a run for it across the sand. Where were the going? No one knows, probably not even themselves, but they did manage to get away before the authorities arrived some time after they had arrived.

During this time one onlooker asks in shock ‘What’s going on?’

The man who shot the video, Carlos Sanz, was there on vacation and said that the group quickly disappeared giving authorities no chance at capturing them. Unfortunately, this is the case many times…hence the concern that it is causing residents in the area. Apparently, the authorities in the area were off duty, and could not be immediately reached for assistance.

The incident comes as the International Organization for Migration warned on Thursday that Spain could overtake Greece this year in the number of migrants arriving by sea, using boats and even jet-skis.

According to the IOM’s latest figures, until August 6, close to 8,200 migrants had arrived in Spain so far this year.

That is more than triple the number who reached Spain at the same time last year, according to Joel Millman, a senior IOM spokesman, and already more than the total arrivals in 2016.

In Italy, there have been more than 96.000 of these illegals that have landed so far just in this year alone. Now Spain is starting to catch up with Greece where 11,713 have arrived by sea and in only this last year as well.

‘It’s possible that Spain will outperform Greece this year,’ Millman told AFP.

‘If so, that’s a big change.’

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