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Former Minister for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith turns out has praised the so-called ‘Big Society’ for stepping up to help Grenfell victims in the complete absence of assistance from the state.

Speaking after his expensive taxpayer funded breakfast, IDC remarked that; “It is truly heartwarming to see the little people coming to the aid of survivors who made it out of the unfortunate but inevitable fire in Grenfell tower. This is the ‘Big Society’ that David Cameron used to talk about, where the state basically stops looking out for the poorest and most vulnerable, leaving other citizens who take pity and step in.”

“In fact, the public response  has been so encouraging that Theresa May is now considering shutting down all forms of state welfare, except of course MP’s expenses and bank bailouts.”


“I applaud the Conservative-led Kensington and Chelsea council for their brave decision to step back and completely ignore the victims, thereby creating the conditions for this exciting new phase in the development of David Cameron’s Big Society.”

“I have already advised the Prime Minister that the next step should be to close down fire, education and health services in poor areas, to provide an impetus for the little people to organise their own services, all while getting the deficit down and living with their means instead of ours.”

Kensington and Chelsea Council leader Nick Paget-Brown chimed in: “We had been warned that a disaster like this could happen, but like many Conservative politicians I just didn’t care very much whether poor people, many of whom would never vote Conservative anyway, live or die in this Borough.”

“Although this tragedy was entirely preventable, there’s simply no evidence that it would not still have happened had we done our jobs properly and renovated the tower paying attention to the safety of the residents, instead of focusing on making the outside look nice for the wealthy residents of Kensington and Chelsea as we evidently did.”

The odious Duncan-Smith, in his taxpayer- funded underpants and tax-payer funded shirt, pleads a bleeding heart- despite much evidence to the contrary.

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