Michael Moore Claims Trump Election Illegitimate: Has No Right To Enter The White House [VIDEO]


Michael Moore Claims Trump Election Illegitimate: Has No Right To Enter The White House [VIDEO]

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Besides Michael Moore showing off a $10,000 check he donated to the theater group that “assassinates” President Donald Trump in its production of “Julius Caesar,” Michael Moore is still pushing that Donald Trump’s election is illegitimate because he claims Trump did not win the popular vote.

In Twitter posts, Moore (who is currently putting on an anti-Trump Broadway show) says he’s giving his entire advance pay to The Public Theater – and even posts a picture of the check.


Moore says he’s doing it because “conservative media bullied” corporate sponsors into withdrawing their support of the play that caused scandal by staging Trump’s “assassination.”

Personally, I think Trump probably did win that vote if you took voter fraud out of the mix and counted absentee voting from the military. But it doesn’t matter… Trump was elected fair and square and tomorrow, the Electoral College votes and it will be done. The NAACP is screaming bloody murder over it and calling it a coup. They are also upset that the outgoing Republican governor in North Carolina just submitted a bill severely limiting the powers of the incoming Democratic governor. What a bunch of whiny weasels.


Moore calls conservatives brazen in just going for it to get Trump in office and that he wishes the left had that kind of determination. They did… under Barack Obama. And when Clinton was leading, they chastised Trump when he said he would decide whether to challenge the results after the election. Who wouldn’t reserve that right? But Moore isn’t just pushing that lie… he’s now inciting violence to stop Trump from becoming President. He’s being an insurrectionist:

Michael Moore told host Chris Hayes that Democrats needed to keep fighting and protesting all the way until Inauguration Day because President-elect Donald Trump has “no right to enter” the White House.

Moore and Hayes started the conversation talking about the situation in North Carolina, where the outgoing Republican governor just signed a bill limiting the powers of his successor. Moore remarked that “you have to admire conservatives” for how “they just go for it.” He then lamented how his side of the political aisle doesn’t have the “courage of their convictions,” stating that if Donald Trump had won the popular vote by 3 million but lost the Electoral College, “they’d throw everything at this.”

When Hayes asked the documentary maker if you risk degrading democracy by fighting fire with fire, Moore answered that “you have to fight fire with fire” and that you can still stay on the “high road.”

Towards the end of the interview, Moore made his plea to Democrats to not go down without fighting.

This guy is terrified that President-elect Trump will undo all the evil that Obama wrought in eight years. And I hope he is right. Moore is bemoaning that the changes will start immediately in the first days and weeks of a Trump Administration. Well, that is what Trump has promised. His first 100 days are going to do away with thousands of regulations and reinstate the rule of law. It’s like garlic and holy water to Progressive vampires and I love it.

It’s amusing to watch the left in full meltdown… but then I remember they are like a bunch of cornered rabid badgers and I hope Trump and conservatives are aware of it. Michael Moore moronically compares a President with a mandate to a legitimately elected Presidency here. He’s trying to make himself the leader of the left… what a horrid joke. Moore and leftists are throwing a temper tantrum and whining all the way. As Trump takes office, better lay newspapers out… they are going to wet themselves big time. This is definitely the popcorn Presidency.

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  1. Lisa Hawks

    Dec 19, 2016 at 5:33 am

    Michael Moore is a fucking big, fat blob…he doesn’t know how Trump is going to be in the WH. I just wish they would all give him a chance..I have hope for this country yet