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“You ain’t no Muslim bruv” became immortalised words not so long ago when uttered to a nutter on the tube. Well you aint no Christian you fucking fat rabble rousing cunt.

You and Jayda Fransen are like a shit racist Bonnie and Clyde tribute act, only you don’t use guns. You just hijack pictures of soldiers, and paste faux ‘patriotic’ statements over them, so that our fucking grannys, who’ve been on online for exactly 3.5 seconds, unwittingly share your vile Britain First page, spreading it like fucking cyber Aids, carrying your hateful racist rhetoric with it like an abandoned copy of The Daily Mail on a train.

You have a skill for social media, I’ll give you that. You can spread hate and division quicker than 10 million copies of The Sun with one Facebook post.

How dare you use images of real patriots, real British heroes who’ve faught for Queen and country. Not like you. The only thing you fight is online arguments poorly and misspelled, you fat ginger twat.

Cheers for ‘protecting’ Britain by the way. Harassing innocent Muslims in their place of worship makes me feel so safe at night, you chubby fucking balloon faced fleece model.

In fact you were doing that just the other night weren’t you? Harassing Muslims, whilst other Muslims, along with everyone else in the tight knit community surrounding Grenfell Tower banded together to help survivors and their families with food, warmth and love. The very things you want to tear apart like a fucking Subway wrapper.

You and your kind won’t win here. When will that sink in?  Your brand of thick as pig shit fascism ALWAYS collapses in the UK, like one of your deck chairs you fucking red faced, whiskey cheeked, pre diabetic cunt.

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