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Former president Barack Obama has jetted off to the South Pacific just weeks after returning from another island getaway with his billionaire buddy Richard Branson. Just a few months back, the Obamas inked a joint book deal with Penguin Random House worth a staggering $65 million – an unprecedented sum.

Barack Obama now plans to stay on the island of Tetiaroa for weeks, or even months, to pen his memoir.

Michelle will stay in D.C. to write hers.


“[Michelle’s] got one daughter to get off to college, another is a [sophomore] in high school. All of that comes first,” said Tina Tchen, Obama’s White House chief of staff.

“Now she will also be working on the book and still keeping up her engagement with the community as she always has,” added Tchen.

This news comes after reports that Obama has established a covert shadow government operating within Washington to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump.

The former president even allowed Valerie Jarrett to move into his D.C. mansion so the pair could allegedly work together to destroy Trump.

It sure will be nice to have him out of the picture for at least a few weeks…


He famously created issues for the United States when he warned of a chemical weapons “red line” in Syria, his ultimatum through which he threatened the use of force against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, before ultimately taking a compromise resolution.

His actions created issues for both presidential candidates in the 2016 race, and critics in both parties, including three former Obama defense secretaries, said he was dangerously indecisive.

President Trump, then a candidate, charged the episode was a national “humiliation,” and Politico noted that although Hillary Clinton was a private citizen at the time, she “did play a supporting role in the red-line saga. As it unfolded in late August and early September 2013, she had several conversations with Obama and his top aides … she issued several public statements supporting Obama.”