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What if you learned that Obama actually did exactly what President Trump is being accused of doing now? Would that surprise you? I doubt it, because it’s Obama, there is nothing he wouldn’t do if the results would benefit him. BUT, I bet you are hard-pressed to remember what and what it was right? I mean, after all you might not even have thought about it on your own because there was no big media or uproar when Obama did it. NOTHING like it is now that the spotlight is on President Trump.

I’m talking about the very sketchy and anonymously sourced WaPa story here, so it might take you a minute to recall, but allow me to give you a memory refresher.

Limbaugh has made the case that Obama is ACTUALLY guilty of doing what President Trump is being accused of now without any evidence to support it. The difference is, Obama’s evidence was undeniable. Because he told American exactly what he was doing…when he did it.

Check this out:

All right, here’s (among many things) what’s going on. Here’s what Trump is alleged to have done here vis-a-vis the Comey memo. Comey memo says that Trump asked him to let it go. Let the Flynn investigation go. I can hope you see your way to let this go. He didn’t do anything. The guy… I love the guy, honest guy. Comey said, “Yeah, I can tell you honest guy, good guy.” And what Trump is alleged to have done is actually no different than what Barack Obama did in April last year when he made it known that he didn’t want Hillary prosecuted.

In fact, the Obama situation is actually worse. While Trump indicated he didn’t want Flynn charged, he did not order the case dropped, because it’s still going on. Trump indicated that he wanted Flynn not to be charged, but he did not order the case to be dropped. And the case continues. Grand juries have been impaneled now. In contrast, the FBI and the Department of Justice dropped the Hillary investigation just as Obama wanted them to, and they used exactly the rationales Obama used when he made his public statements.

Well, Obama, was saying there was no intent to harm the U.S., the degree of classified emails that Mrs. Clinton was trafficking in is very exaggerated. Obama went public with all this! He went public with his own exoneration and thought that the investigation should be brought to a screeching halt. And it was! Comey got together and they stopped the investigation, and that allowed them and Hillary — for the rest of the campaign — to say she had been cleared. That’s why they got so mad at Comey when he did the July 5th press conference, because back in April, Obama thought he’d taken care of this.

Listen to the audio below:

This makes sense right? Obama’s pressure on the FBI to wipe Hillary’s guilt off the map worked. However, when it come to Trump and Flynn, there is no mercy. What they are accusing Trump of doing, has already happened with Obama. Period.

Can we put this crap to rest now!? Of course not…

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