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Here we go again. Liberal goon squads are now actively organizing impeachment marches across the country. They want the calls for the President’s impeachment to be so loud they are deafening and they have a plan. Community organizing commies always do. This is a very coordinated coup d’etat. You have enemies within the White House leaking a flood of false information, sprinkled with some truth. You then have the enemies that are overt and out in the streets wanting to cause chaos. It’s all planned to bring down President Trump and the Republicans. I just pray it doesn’t work.

A number of these marches will take place on July 2nd and every leftist, communist, anarchist, fascist radical will no doubt be in attendance. They intend to pressure Congress to begin impeachment proceedings immediately against Trump. It doesn’t matter that he has done nothing to break the law… get em! The same people behind this are the ones that were behind the tax day protests where they demanded Trump’s tax returns. They are professional instigators and I’m certain a number of them get paid to do this. Hello George Soros and Barack Obama.

From The Daily Caller:

Liberal activists are ramping up the pressure on Congress to impeach President Donald Trump.

The increased pressure comes as the White House has been hit with a series of damaging leaks regarding Trump’s relationship with former FBI director James Comey, whom Trump abruptly fired last week.

Trump reportedly asked Comey to let go of his investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn, according to a memo Comey authored after meeting with the president in the Oval Office. Part of the memo was leaked to the New York Times by one of Comey’s associates after Trump fired the unpopular FBI director.

One group of activists is organizing nationwide “Impeachment Marches” on July 2 to pressure congressional representatives to “do their job and start the process to impeach this president.”

The organizers of the Impeachment March were also behind the Tax Day protests against Trump’s withholding of his tax returns. The marches are set to take place in at least 14 cities across the country, although that number may grow as frustration continues to build with the scandals surrounding the White House. The Impeachment March in Los Angeles has already received more than 11,000 confirmed attendees, according to the event’s Facebook page.

I wouldn’t laugh this off either. There are already more than 11,000 registered attendees for the Los Angeles march alone and 45,000 more interested in attending there. It’s going to be that way in every major city across the country. And these protests will get violent. “Donald Trump has been in violation of the Constitution from the day he was sworn into the office of President. The Constitution gives the House of Representatives the sole power to impeach an official, and it makes the Senate the sole court for impeachment trials,” a description for the Impeachment March reads. “It is time that congressional representatives do their job and start the process to impeach this president. We believe president Trump has committed constitutional breaches, consistently lied, cheated, and enforces laws that primarily benefit him and his billionaire friends at the expense of the country.”

Democracy for America is also rallying the troops on this. “We cannot afford to have Congress sit back and watch this play out the same way it just did, with Trump and his stooges obstructing another investigation into their corruption and high crimes. Congress needs to act now to impeach Trump, the first step of which is empowering a committee to do its own investigation into impeachable offenses.”

You now not only have Maxine Waters and Elizabeth Warren calling for impeachment, you have other Democratic politicians doing it as well. In fact, you have some Republicans that are broaching the subject. All of this hysteria over nothing… they think if they are loud enough and hateful enough it will happen. We are only four months into Trump’s presidency and they are ready to overthrow him. It would be one thing if Trump had done something to warrant this… he hasn’t. We dare not let the left succeed here… it will destroy our nation and our Republic.


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