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 ISIS was seconds from commencing with a public execution but was interrupted in the most epic way possible by a Reaper Drone, scattering terrorists and setting the condemned prisoners free.

According to The U.K. Telegraph, the Ministry of Defense announced that an RAF Reaper drone managed to hit a terrorist standing gaurd with a missile in the town of Abu Kamal in Syria on May 9 as the execution was taking place, sending the Islamic State group militants running.

The Reaper drone began by spotting the crowd gathering in a square, then a Hellfire missile was fired which not only killed one of the terrorists, but halted the execution.

Islamic State group after opening fire on the militants and driving them off, the Ministry of Defence has said.

“When a van then unloaded two shackled prisoners in front of the crowd, it became clear that Daesh (alternate name for the Islamic State group) were organizing a public execution,” a defense ministry spokesman said.

“Given the large number of civilians present, the Reaper’s crew could not target directly the Daesh fighters about to carry out the murders,” the spokesman said. It looked like they were out of luck, until they noticed “two armed extremists (who) were stationed as sentries on the roof of a building overlooking the scene.

“A Hellfire missile was fired immediately, and scored a direct hit which not only killed one of the sentries but also brought the execution to an immediate halt, as the Daesh fighters fled the scene, and the crowd of civilians dispersed.”


The Telegraph also reported that public executions are becoming more common in ISIS controlled territory as the “caliphate” crumbles.

There are going to be plenty more scenes like the one broken up by the drone on May 9.

Thankfully, the U.K. has RAF Tornado and Typhoon aircraft as well as drones patrolling the region. One hopes they can stop future attacks in the same epic way that they stopped this one.

By all accounts, ISIS is losing ground. For the first time in years, the US and allies are actually fighting back.

The US general commanding the coalition fight against ISIS expects the fight for the capital of Syria to have hit the city center by this summer.

Ground is being retaken in Iraq, after years of Obama weakness continued to let ISIS take over.

Obama believed in appeasement. How many times do I have to repeat it Milano? APPEASEMENT DOES NOT WORK!

Hitler anyone? They tried appeasement with him and it DID NOT WORK!

Why didn’t Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler work? Neville gave Hitler EVERYTHING he asked for. In return he got a hand written piece of paper declaring that there will be “peace in our time.”

Totalitarian regimes (and so inclined people or groups) do not respect anything but strength. They see concessions as a sign of weakness. It is one they can exploit in order to continue their agenda whatever that may be.

Finally, we are leading the world in the fight against Muslim extremists again. It will be a long fight, but one that can be won if we persist.

…and don’t appease!




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