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The reason you don’t know about these 8 nasty items is because the mainstream media doesn’t report on them because they don’t want you to know about them


I’ll define ‘Mayism’ for Theresa May: Deceitful and Dishonest, a tribal Tory wolf in sheep’s clothing.. – who said it?

.. oh who cares? It fits doesn’t it? I’ll get to the (8) points:

1. You’ll need ID to vote


Everyone knows there’s no evidence of voter fraud on any measurable basis, so this is simply to suppress low-income or minority voting. duh. 3.5 million voters don’t have photo ID – and they tend to be women, people from ethnic minorities and young people.

Just 123 alleged cases related to voter fraud, with 26 cases of impersonating another voter, 27 cases of improper postal voting and 25 cases of ‘undue influence’ over a voter.

Of these 123, all but 22 were dismissed – mostly because it was clear no offence had been committed or due to lack of evidence. Of the remaining 22 cases, six resulted in police cautions. End of story.

2. The Vote Leave bus pledge is officially not happening


In other words, the NHS won’t be getting £350 million a week extra under the Tories. End of story.

3. More welfare cuts on the way!!

Former Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb said in March 2016: “We have no further plans to make welfare savings”

And his replacement, Damian Green, said in February: “We are not going to have any new welfare cuts in this Parliament apart from those that have already been legislated for.”


But surprise, surprise: A subtle change in language in Theresa May’s manifesto, opens the door for more cuts to benefits for the sick, disabled and working poor.

here’s what it says in today’s manifesto – buried on page 54

“We have no plans for further radical welfare reform in this parliament and will continue the roll-out of Universal Credit, to ensure that it always pays to be in work.”

End of story.

4. The civil service jobs David Cameron moved to London are moving back out:


okay… I guess that’s… well – moving on.

5. The Commitment to halve the disability employment gap was a lie:


The 2015 manifesto promised to cut the difference in employment figures between disabled and non-disabled people in half. Now, not so much… this commitment to getting “a million more disabled people into employment,” the Social Market Foundation say is “weaker”.

6. Theresa May previously insisted there would be “no return to the hard borders of the past” between Northern Ireland and the Republic after Brexit :

Guess again


7. The Immigration health surcharge is going to TRIPLE


International students still get a discount, but their charges are tripling too, from £150 to £450.

8. Sucks. It’s about voting. Share this article even if you think it’s nitpicking up until #8. This is about you and your vote, m-kay?

They’re going to ‘modernise’ the voting system:

Gee – wonder what that means? Let’s take a look!


The Tories love the First Past the Post (FPTP) system. It’s outdated, unfair and benefits them massively in elections.

So they’ve decided to ‘modernise’ the voting system by replacing the current Single Transferable Vote (STV) system used in mayoral and police and crime commissioner elections with FPTP.

Because voters can cast a ‘second choice’ vote in STV, it ensures vastly fewer votes are wasted.

AKA: The fix is in. End of story – UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION. I’m doing all I can, I swear. I’m one person here.


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