BREAKING: Sean Spicer: "All Trump tax records are now available and in a safe place!"

Donald Trump

BREAKING: Sean Spicer: “All Trump’s tax records are now available and in a safe place!”

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(this is funny, I don’t care who you are..)

At a recent press conference, President Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer was being grilled by CNN relentlessly about Trump’s tax returns and to everyone’s surprise, he snapped!

CNN Reporter: Will the President finally make his full tax returns available for the public to be scrutinized like every other President has?

Sean Spicer: “Trump’s tax records are now available in a safe place for all to see.”

CNN Reporter: “Where is that?”

Sean Spicer: “They’re underneath Obama’s college records, his birth record, his passport application, his immigration status as a student, his funding source to pay for college, his college records, his selective service registration, and Hillary’s email log and 66,000 missing emails”

… I am so sorry, but with all the seriousness and downright hatred running around – we could not help ourselves! C’mon you gotta laugh once in a while to keep from screaming anyway… But back to seriousness – I’ve just finished reading a new book by author, broadcaster, activist and influential conservative John Hawkins entitled; “101 Things All Young Adults Should Know”


That’s Hawkins on the right, by the way..

Hawkins, among his other many interests is the CEO and purveyor of the massively popular online site; “Right Wing News;” boasting tens of millions of weekly readers – and tens of millions more counting their content shared around the net.

“101 Things All Young Adults Should Know” is a history of what Hawkins has distilled down from a lifetime of conservative writings, interviews, education, research and gleaning insights from a who’s who of the top respected people in the field of politics, not to mention his own considerable philosophy.


It’s aimed squarely at a younger audience, although I found myself many times in what I call a “Bugs Bunny” moment, when you realize you’re watching (or in this case, reading) something aimed at folks younger than you – yet you’re learning or laughing yourself.

What I’m saying is that although I’m a kid at heart, I’m hardly young and I’m certainly not a political novice – but I learned plenty from this book and I recommend it to your kids and yourself and your better half while you’re at it.

Using levity to make a point or just to ease the retention information and education is one of Hawkins strong points here with “101 Things” and he’s found a terrific balance as you’ll see when you give it a whirl. He’s not trying to get away with murder using zingers as many tend to fall back on, but slipping in the humor when it’s most needed and I for one, appreciate that style. I think you will too.

As far as content, you might think going in it’s a far-right offering, given JH’s background – and I was expecting it to be as well, but it’s not – honestly. It’s a general audience primer for life. A history of what works of sorts and anyone who has walked outside lately knows that what kids need more than anything right now is the difference between right and wrong and the importance of it.

You’ll find all of it in Hawkin’s “101 Things All Young Adults Should Know” and plenty more.



Thanks – Rodney lee Conover