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Does this surprise anyone that MPs, peers, their staff and guests purchased over 4o,000 bottles of wine and champers, £53,061 worth of beer, lager and cider and 6,000 bottles of Gordon’s Gin? It took an FOI request to expose this unreal amount spent in the House of Commons and Palace of Westminster on alcohol tripling it up to the tune of £1.8MILLION…

Hey let’s not just blame the staggering amount on our staggering leaders, guests of Parliament were allowed to get ploughed on the taxpayer’s teat as well.


Parliament’s booze list

  • 1,685 bottles of Smirnoff Voka
  • 600 bottles of Pimm’s
  • 3,000 bottles of Sauvingnon Blanc
  • 300 bottles of port
  • 499 bottles of Famous Grouse Whiskey
  • 96 bottles of Bailey’s
  • 4,000 pints of Guinness
  • 16,122 guest ales
  • 6,000 pints of Carling

Source: The Sun

Customers include not only 650 MPs, but 14,500 pass-holders, such as civil servants, contractors, Peers, members of the Press Gallery, and non-pass holding visitors. A House of Commons spokesman said; “It is not possible for the catering service to run at a zero cost due to the irregular hours and unpredictability of Parliamentary business.

By comparison, the champagne and wine bill in 2013/14 came to £601,895. The cost doubled to £1,183, 820 in 2014/15 – then tripled to £1,786, 2014 for 2015/16.

Latest figures reveal Parliament’s bars and restaurants sold 1,685 bottles of Smirnoff vodka, more than 600 bottles of Pimm’s, 499 bottles of Famous Grouse whisky and 96 bottles of Bailey’s. The biggest selling gin was Gordon’s, at more than 6,000 bottles. More than 4,000 pints of Guinness were served, 16,122 pints of guest ales and nearly 5,000 pints of Grolsch.

100 bottles of fizz and 300 bottles of port were also guzzled – they’ve had their eye watering pay rises. Now stop the ridiculous expenses trail altogether. Whey should they not pay for their own alcohol like the rest of the country. It is in no way necessary for the job. Or is it?

Sometimes I wonder. Sometimes I just drink… but not this much!

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