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The ousting of star anchor Bill O’Reilly has led to a huge shake up in the line-up at Fox News Channel (FNC), and primarily during primetime viewing hours. Thus, emotions were high on Friday night as the current cast of The Five gathered for their final episode before four of the co-hosts moved to primetime and one left the show for good to star in his own program.

The Five has been moved to the 9 p.m. Eastern time slot, while Tucker Carlson Tonight will move from 9 p.m. to 8 p.m. Meanwhile, former co-host of The Five Eric Bolling will be getting his own program at 5 p.m. which will begin on May 1, and Jesse Watters will be replacing him on his old show.

“You guys have been great,” Bolling told his co-hosts. “I’m not going anywhere. The reality is, I’m staying right here at 5 o’clock. You guys are going to 9 and killing it. I’m sure it’s going to be amazing.”

A few hours after The Five said its farewells to Bolling, a different kind of goodbye took place as Greg Gutfeld sat in for the final edition of the 8 p.m. show known for years as The O’Reilly Factor.

“As most of you know, this is the final Factor,” said Gutfeld. “It has been an honor to sit in this chair over the years of filling in for Bill O’Reilly and to being a guest for the most influential television news program in history. But as the curtain comes down on this show, another one will be raised on a new era.”

He then introduced Gretchen Carlson, who inherited O’Reilly’s time slot.

“I’m very aware of the history of this hour, the bigness of it, the success of it. And the audience, which is the key to all of it,” Carlson said. “I hope I can stay true to the basics of the hour. We’re going to be skeptical, as always. I think that’s the heart of journalism. You know, ask tough questions, be respectful — I think that’s OK. But you know, force people with power to account for they’re doing. That’s the theme.”

Even with this massive shake up in the Fox News line-up, one thing is for certain: the viewers will not be disappointed. FNC will continue to be the network to watch for thought-provoking, fair, and balanced coverage of the nightly news.