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This story is centered on the gift of being able to hear. Yet, it was one’s man use of his sight to observe the need of a waitress he didn’t even know that led to an extraordinary outcome.

Keri Marie Carlson, a waitress at GW Carson’s in Branford, Connecticut, is a single mom of two kids. She has an 8-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son.

Carlson also gives her time as a volunteer princess for the organization CT Princess Parties LLC, where she arrives as a princess at parties held for children with special needs. Everybody who knows Carlson has expressed what a joyful and caring person she is.

Some of the kindness she has poured out to her children, customers, and children she serves while volunteering was about to be given back to her by a stranger in the most unexpected way. While she was working her shift at GW Carson’s, she walked a husband and wife to a table to be seated.

Carlson had to ask them to repeat themselves several times as she was having trouble hearing. Normally, she would be wearing two hearing aids, but one had broken.

The man actually noticed that she was wearing only one.

He asked her if it would help to have two hearing aids.

Carlson briefly explained her situation that one was currently broken. She did not mention trying to save up money for the second hearing aid or suggest any need for help in getting it fixed.

After she seated the couple, she walked to the back of the restaurant. The man whom she had just seated, sought her out.

He explained to Carlson that he wanted to give her $500 so that she could get her second hearing aid fixed. The man could tell she was a hard worker and a caring person. He would not take no for an answer.

She cried in the arms of the couple who so generously just gave her a wonderful and valuable gift that went far beyond its cash value. As inspiring as their generosity was, the story only got better.

Jim Kirtopoulos, owner of GW Carson’s, wanted to contribute as well. He decided that a portion of money earned from restaurant T-shirt sales would be donated to the American Society for Deaf Children.

Carlson did get her second hearing aid fixed, thanks to the kindness of strangers. Now, children who are deaf or have hearing loss will benefit from the T-shirt donations inspired by the initial kindness.

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THAT is the difference between Liberals and Conservatives. The liberal believes that the government should have done this. The conservative knows that it in the best interest of both parties for government to butt out!

Imagine how far that $5oo would have gone if government would have done this? After taking that $500 from that man, maybe $150 would have made it to the waitress.  After waste, fraud, abuse, and the administrative costs, not much would be left.

Conservatives are all for a safety net, liberals want to turn the safety net into a fishing net!

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