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Bill O’Reilly spent more than two years at Fox News Channel (FNC) and rose to become the network’s biggest stars, but within hours of the announcement that he had been let go following sexual harassment allegations, all references to him were erased from the show that bore his name for years. All graphics related to the program once known as That O’Reilly Factor now simply say The Factor.

“Before we get to the other big stories of the day, we want to address a situation many of you may already be aware of,” Dana Perino said while hosting The Factor on Wednesday. “Bill O’Reilly, who hosted this program for 20 years, is leaving the Fox News Channel. We know that you, his very loyal viewers, will have a lot of feelings about this and we will talk more about it later on in the program.”

“It is the end of an era here at the Fox News Channel,” Perino added. “As we mentioned earlier, Bill O’Reilly is leaving this chair and this network after more than 20 years. Bill has been the undisputed king of cable news — and for good reason. He is an incredibly talented broadcaster who raised the bar for interviewers everywhere. He has also held his staff to exacting standards in his quest to put the best possible program on the air, and they are great.”