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The residents of a town in Louisiana were understandably startled on Monday when a massive creature crawled out of a storm drain behind an elementary school. As onlookers gathered to witness the strange occurrence, authorities were contacted for help.

Following a bout of heavy rain, a seven-foot-alligator emerged from a storm drain in the Bucktown area of Jefferson Parish on Monday. Authorities soon arrived to relocate the reptile to Bayou Segnette State Park after it was seen just feet away from Marie B Riviere Elementary School, which was not holding classes that day due to Spring Break.

“First his head emerged out of the drain, and then his whole body,” Metairie resident Steven Nicholson told WWL. “I couldn’t believe it. Doesn’t happen every day, and I hope it doesn’t happen again.”

“I came out here to go to a doctor’s appointment and there was a gator out here, just chillin,” said Bucktown resident Hazel Porter. “I’m glad [the kids] weren’t in school. They were on spring break. Because they would’ve freaked out a bunch of kids in the yard playing.”

Nicholson recorded a video of a few men placing the rope around the gator’s neck in an attempt to restrain it.

The alligator thrashed around a bit before the wranglers were finally able to tape its mouth shut. They tied the alligator to a nearby pole before placing it in a pickup truck. [Source: Daily Mail]

It is not clear how the animal gained access to the storm drain, but it likely originated in one of the many lakes and bayous in the Metairie area.

The close proximity in which the alligator was to a school which normally hosts hundreds of small children is certainly cause for concern, but it’s par for the course for many individuals who live among the creatures in Louisiana, a unique region of the country where “Gator Wrangler” is actually a legitimate profession.

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