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Bill O’Reilly is done. Whether he is actually guilty of doing the things that he is accused of or not, it doesn’t matter. They got rid of him thanks to some so-called colleagues of his. Kirsten Powers would be one that has frequently been a guest on his show, and has now turned her back on him.

But there is a major issue with her recent statements about O’Reilly. From YC:

In 2014, when O’Reilly was dominating the cable news ratings for Fox where Powers was an on-air commentator, Powers responded to a charge from Marie Harf, a Obama White House spokesperson at the time, that he was a sexist.


In an editorial for USA Today Powers wrote:

Sexism is a serious problem and a serious accusation. It’s true there are many people who dismiss women as unserious and out of their depth not because they are, but because they are women. Bill O’Reilly isn’t one of them.

I know. As a Fox News contributor, I’ve worked with him for eight years, including weekly segments where we often disagree heatedly. O’Reilly does not discriminate when it comes to expressing tough judgments. Anyone with a passing familiarity with his work knows this, which is what makes Harf’s accusation so irresponsible.

Now, in 2017, with Powers working for rival CNN and O’Reilly complaining about being the victim of a smear campaign, things are much different.

Powers, with CNN host Anderson Cooper, whose show was often in direct competition with O’Reilly’s, is now portraying that Bill she knew around that same time period as “a jerk.”

Powers recounts:

Does this sit well with you? It was only a few years ago that Powers went out of her way to claim that O’Reilly was not the guy that everyone thought he was…She’s now apparently changed her mind.

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