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Get this: The official Facebook Page of former House Leader Nancy Pelosi at last glance has 471,345 “LIKES”. I’m not kidding here and of course a lot of pages have more – but this one in particular you’re gonna die laughin’.

By the way – props to our faithful reader and Merchant Marine Tom Fate who alerted us to this hilarity. Tom is what you call your typical Great American, baby!

On Saturday June 4th, Paul Smith was standing on Main Street in Helena, CA when he witnessed an SUV with blue/red lights flashing that was racing Princes Nancy Pelosi to a shoe store.Like the woman says – you have to pass it to see what’s it in so here you go:

FIRST: The Official Nancy Pelosi Facebook Page:  (screenshot from 4/11/17) is below: As you can see, with all her years in office and her powerful connections to Google, Facebook, Silicon Valley and her very, very rich husband – not to mention her non-union vineyard workers (just thought I’d throw that in there) she has 471,345 LIKES. 


Here’s a closer look at the important part if you’re like me and have to squint:


Now look what Facebook page has her ass-kicked sideways with no government assistance or ties to silicon valley companies or even any technical knowledge at all hardly: HAH!


Folks, you can’t make this stuff up and we didn’t. More people would like to see her run out on a broom than “LIKE” her. Are we gonna get it for publishing this? Oh, you got that right – UNLESS you spread it around for us then they can’t do anything because it will be “trending” and then they can’t do bupkiss to us. See if you can guess what I’m going to say next?

I interviewed the editor (who does not want to be named for obvious reasons) and she said they’ve not spent a dime on “buying” LIKES or run a single ad. Just grassroots organic desire to get Nancy Pelosi out of our lives.

Another closer look for you blind-as mo’s like me: It’s not even close.


No wonder the ObamaCare website was a joke. This woman got that passed too. She can’t get more LIKES than that? You gotta be laughing, but then again, Californians don’t seem to care who they put in office – even someone who can’t string two sentences together. Do you know anyone who likes her in real life?

Get on board if you want and visit (and LIKE) the (BETTER) page yourself at Impeach Nancy Pelosi by clicking those words. Get on the train baby, Like it, Share it, call your Aunt Thelma and teach her how to use the Internet and put her on there – this is too funny to let go to waste!

Anyway – me and Tom thought you’d get a kick out of that and if that’s not enough, then how about this video of outgoing Secret Service head Tom Clancy?

This is REALLY funny. It’s from a show called “The Flipside w Michael Loftus” – check your local listings.

Thanks again Tom –

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