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“Fox and Friends” made a big uh-oh, and it had to do with them trying to make their News analyst, and former Democratic, Mustafa Tameez take on Lawrence Jones from TheBlaze. The subject matter? How ILLEGAL immigrants hiding from ICE are like the slaves of early America using the underground railroad…

Jones was NOT happy about it.

From YC:

“Let’s be clear,” Jones began. “The African slaves that came to America, they didn’t come here willingly. They were stripped away from their families. They were not immigrants.

“It took a constitutional amendment for them to even get the rights of Americans,” Jones continued. “So this is not the Underground Railroad. These are people that broke the law, that came here willingly, and now there’s consequences for their actions.”

“So although we want to show compassion, I think it’s incredibly offensive and insulting to suggest this is like the Underground Railroad,” Jones said.

The video is a must watch if you want to get the full effect, but Jones is BEYOND right. In no way can you compare individuals who willfully break the laws of our country by coming in illegally, to slaves who had no choice, and were brought here in chains. TO make such a comparison is not only wrong, I can see that it would be maddening.

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