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In an interview with The American Mirror published Wednesday Juanita Broaddrick, a woman who accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual assault, blasted Hillary Clinton for receiving an award for being a “champion for girls.”

“It is difficult for me, a rape survivor of Bill Clinton, to understand how Hillary Clinton could be given the ‘2017 Champion for Girls Award’ from Girls Inc.,” said Broaddrick.

“Hillary was never a champion for the women her husband abused. She was the opposite. She threatened and humiliated us,” she added, referring to Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey, who have also accused Bill Clinton of rape.

The Free Beacon reported:

Willey has been quoted saying that Hillary is complicit in her husband’s attacks by helping silence his victims.

“Hillary Clinton’s been calling me a bimbo for 19 years, as well as Paula [Jones] and Juanita [Broaddrick] and Gennifer,” Willey said.

Broaddrick said that Girls Inc. “should be ashamed of their actions” in giving Clinton this award, and called the former First Lady an enabler of sexual abuse crimes.

“By giving this award to Hillary Clinton, they are implying enablers of sexual abuse crimes should not be held accountable,” she said.