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Barack Obama started a nefarious plan using his Organizing for America org to undermine President Trump before he even took office.

Many Democrats feel it will backfire and two Democratic operatives have recently gone as far as to call OFA “The Devil.

Stephen Handwerk, executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party, wrote in a private email to fellow party leaders, “This is some GRADE A Bulls–t right here.”

He added, “It also to me seems TONE DEAF—we have lost over 1,000 seats in the past 8 years … all because of this crap.”

OFA is not about the Democrats, it’s all about Obama. That’s gonna work out well.

Barack Obama spent 8 years trying to majorly change this country and send it down a never-ending path of socialism, yet it seems he did not only fail, he created mayhem for the Democrats as a whole.

A lot of what he did, he did by bypassing Congress using executive orders, making undoing it very easy.

His approach against the 2nd Amendment brought about a doubling of gun ownership and many states passing new laws making gun carrying and ownership much easier.

The Democrats have lost BIGLY on almost all down-ballot positions. State houses in most states are redder than ever and there is almost a super-majority in Congress.

Hillary ran on continuing the Obama game plan and lost. A lot of Obama voters moved to Trump. Ever since, Democrats have tried to place the blame on everyone but themselves.

Now the left’s grassroots is using violence and rioting to protest a return to smaller government. Obama is now working hard to use the only talent he came into the White House with, community organization, to defend his legacy. A legacy that President Trump has already all but unraveled.

It hasn’t worked Obama.

I really believe these Democrats are correct. This hugely backfires. There is a reason precedent says the outgoing president stays out of the way for at least a couple of years.

These people following Obama will continue to use Alinsky tactics, whether he calls for them or not. The American people will continue to see the true form of the modern leftist and it is not pretty.

America has incredibly rejected “Change you can believe in”…

Walk away Obama. It is inevitable that you will do more damage than good…

OK… I change my mind..keep it up Barak!

Michelle Bachmann said it best:

“Next to Jimmy Carter, Obama single handedly did more to destroy the Democratic Party than the GOP could have ever hoped or planned.”