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According to the Washington Free Beacon, former President Barack Obama’s first national security adviser, Jim Jones Jr., on Sunday lambasted the Obama Administration’s decision not to punish the Syrian regime for using chemical weapons against its own people, suggesting that doing so could have subsided the refugee crisis.

“That was a colossal mistake from a strategic standpoint,” said Jones, a retired Marine Corps General.

Early on in his presidency, Obama developed a bad reputation for ignoring his highly-skilled and experienced military advisors, choosing instead to allow his own agenda to dictate important global decisions rather than the better judgment of those who know more. The consequences proved to be catastrophic.

WATCH Jim Jones on CNN’s “State of the Union” below…

President Obama said in 2012 that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons in the Syria conflict would cross a “red line” for him, adding that he would hold the regime “accountable” while implying the use of military force.

The following year, the White House said the Assad regime used chemical weapons on Syrian civilians, but Obama chose not to act or punish the government for its actions.

According to Jones, had Obama penalized Assad by forcing him to “forfeit” territory “where refugees could have been handled,” the resulting European refugee crisis largely could have been avoided. Just think of how many innocent women and children would not be victims of rape and murder today had Western countries like Germany and Sweden been spared the throngs of radical Muslims which invaded their borders.

Frankly, Obama’s presidency was riddled with one “colossal mistake” after another. The biggest mistake of all was made by misguided voters who elected him in the first place. Now, Donald Trump has been left with one hell of a mess to clean up. Thankfully, he’s proven that he’s up for the task!