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Not for the faint of heart, certainly not to try in the back yard, this teeter-totter isn’t for kids or even the most experienced athletes.

This is hard to watch, but damn fun:



How many times did these guys bust themselves up before they got it right, and did they get those on video I wonder?

Heres’ you, right?


Okay – watch some crazy-ass mo’s do it right below and share this with your crazy-ass friends. Here’s the video:

Man, those things are fun, and it sure brought back some childhood memories for me.

But alas…

Towering metal slides, high-flying swings, fast- spinning merry-go-rounds and other playground equipment that delighted generations of California children will soon be a thing of the past as parks and schools rip them out to meet strict new safety standards.

“You can’t even buy a teeter-totter anymore because of the back injuries they can cause,” said Tim Gilbert of Moore-Iacofano-Goltsman, a Berkeley design firm that regularly works on redesigning playgrounds. “Metal pipe monkey bars are gone, and the only merry-go-rounds you can buy have governors to keep them from going too fast.”

Older kids may scorn the new equipment —

few self-respecting 8-year-olds would get on a six-foot-tall slide, the maximum height allowed under one suggested safety code. But parents may welcome the safety standards: Nearly 150,000 children each year end up in hospital emergency rooms after being injured on public playgrounds, according to the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission. About 15 children across the nation die from those injuries every year.

It’s called natural selection you idiots.





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