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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) sat down with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Wednesday night to charge President Donald Trump with being part of the “Kremlin Clan” and say he should be impeached because of it.

“I’ve come to conclude that Trump has the ‘Kremlin Clan’ surrounding him and have been involved with him for a long time and you named some of them this evening,” said Waters.

“So, whether we’re talking about any of them or Wilbur Ross or Carter Page, these are all people with ties that are documented with Russian and the Kremlin, and so I have named them ‘Trump’s Kremlin Clan’ because how is it that all of them with this background and with these connections end up in the same administration?”

“I tell you, there’s more to be learned about it,” Water said. “I believe there has been collusion. They were involved in his campaign and we’ve got to dig. These investigations have got to show the connection and prove that collusion, because, as for me, I think it leads to impeachment and I believe that and that’s what I’m paying attention to,” she concluded.


It should be noted that no one on the left batted an eye when Hillary Clinton signed over twenty percent of the U.S.’s Uranium production to Russia while she was Secretary of State, meanwhile claiming massive speaking fees from foreign governments for she and her husband.