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The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for two bombings which claimed dozens of lives each on Thursday.

According to Fox News:

The suicide bomber at the world-famous shrine in southern Pakistan killed at least 75 people and wounding more than 200 others, according to health officials. They said the dead included 20 women and nine children.

Also Thursday, a car bomb exploded in Baghdad’s southwestern al-Bayaa neighborhood shortly before sunset, killing at least 55 people and wounding more than 60 others, according to Iraq’s Interior Ministry.

“I saw bodies everywhere. I saw bodies of women and children,” said Raja Somro, who was in the shrine at the time of the attack.

“These acts of mass murder are yet another example of ISIS’s utter contempt for human life and its efforts to sow discord and division among the Iraqi people,” said State Department spokesman Mark Toner.

“Our partnership with the Iraqi Security Forces, who serve on the front-lines of this global fight, remains steadfast and unwavering.”

Please pray for this innocent victims of these horrific attacks.