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Lindsay Lohan recently flew to the other side of the world to meet with ISIS-supporting Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who many experts claim is the true “father of ISIS.” Lindsay is now demanding a meeting with our new Commander In Chief – Donald J. Trump!

A short time after Muslims welcomed Lohan to Islam, the actress has been become an activist for the barbaric religion, as her new mission in life is to lecture American patriots and demand they be nice to the ‘kind-hearted’ Muslims.

But get this:

In an interview with the Daily Mail on Friday, the 30-year-old Mean Girls star called on Americans to unite behind Trump but said it would be a good thing for the country to show more “care and support” to displaced refugees.

“I want to try to get the word out to Donald Trump to bring him over there, have him see all the positive things they are doing over there and all America can do to help as well,” Lohan told the outlet.

‘I think it would be a positive thing for America to show their care and support, and for him to experience what it’s like for these people… experience how giving Turkey has been to the refugees and how many they have welcomed in,” she added.

The actress also defended the president, telling the paper that he was undoubtedly going to be closely “scrutinized” due to being in the public eye.

“He is the president — we have to join him,” she said. “If you can’t beat him, join him.”

Lohan was afraid travelling to New York because of her recent interest in Islam.
The actress stopped by’s NY office on Friday to take park in a Facebook Live Q&A session with Femail Editor Charlie Lankston.

The 30-year-old has gone through a renewal and discussed politics, her love life, her work with refugees, past acting roles and possible future ones too: “I’ve studied the Quran for quite some time,” she said. “It’s a process to convert to anything. I respect all religions… it’s a beautiful religion and I am a very spiritual person… it’s something I’ve been studying. You can’t just convert overnight to a religion.”


In January, Lohan met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his wife Emine at the presidential palace, where she posed for a photograph with 7-year-old refugee and social media star Bana al-Abed.


Lohan also discussed an idea she had for a sequel to her 2004 cult hit movie Mean Girls, suggesting it could be called “Mean Moms.”

All of us should have kids, like a ‘Housewives of…’” she told the Mail. “And all my kids are from Africa… we’ve adopted them or something funny.”

Yikes! … A whole different kind of bomb.

With everyone soooo serious lately – how about a little comic relief? The Flipside with Michael Loftus makes fun of Joseph Clancy, the head of the secret service.

This is one of the funniest skits I have ever seen. With Barack Obama heading out the door, maybe the Secret Service will finally get their act together! If not, Donald Trump will have to say, “You’re Fired!”

Hilarious! Watch:

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