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Word is growing that Obama is organizing a huge destabilization campaign and Wikileaks has now jumped into the discussion issuing a statement that is likely to be a game changer.

WikiLeaks stated on Tuesday that a “destabilization campaign” was being perpetrated by U.S. spies: The Democrats and the media is the cause of National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Michael Flynn’s resignation.

WikiLeaks offered the explanation in a tweet, which included a link to Flynn’s resignation letter:

So just exactly what does WikiLeaks know?

I am sure we will find out. They leave nothing to chance.

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are not the only ones beginning to tie the nefarious actions to Obama, the Democrats and the media. Rush Limbaugh also weighed in:

‘You want to be concerned about a problem? I’ll give you a problem to be concerned about, and that’s the leaks that are coming from the Trump administration. Except I don’t think they’re coming from the Trump administration. I think it’s part of Obama scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency,” Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh pointed out the hypocrisy in Democrats who demanded Flynn’s resignation.

“So we have a resignation over a phone call, a freaking phone call,” Limbaugh said. “The Democrats don’t resign when they’re caught red-handed with their hand in the till or in bed with an intern or whatever else transgression the Democrats engage in. There are no resignations and there are no demands for resignations.”

President Trump himself criticized the media on Tuesday.  He tweeted that the “real story” the press should be focusing on is “why there are so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington.”

Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson placed the blame on “somebody in the nebulous intelligence community.”

“Who tapped the phones, who was listening to it, who leaked it? I think those are legitimate questions to ask,” Johnson told Fox News on Tuesday. “Leaks of this nature are incredibly damaging to America … and we need to look into it.”

This story has legs. The Flynn story will come and go, but there is obviously an all out effort to sabotage and EX-President Obama seems to be right in the middle of it.