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During CNN’s recent Obamacare debate between Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), members of the audience were offered the opportunity to ask the two political leaders some “candid” questions about their medical coverage.

However, one weighted question which came from a woman with MS has raised some serious concerns because of what people noticed she was holding in her hand.

According to IJR, Carol Hardaway, who said she got coverage thanks to Medicaid expansion under Obamacare, confronted Cruz with the following question:

I have Multiple Sclerosis, but could not afford insurance. Without the treatment of medications I need, I had problems with walking, my speech, and my vision. When the Affordable Care Act was passed, I moved from our home in Texas because they refused to expand medicaid, to Maryland. And in two weeks, I started to receive treatments through medicaid, and I’m well enough to work as a substitute teacher. Senator Cruz, can you promise me that you and the Republican leaders in Congress will actually have a replacement plan in place for people like me who depend on their medicaid. In other words, I like my coverage. Can I keep it?

While this might seem like a valid argument coming from someone who has firsthand experience with the issue at hand, upon closer glance at the paper Hardaway was reading from, you can clearly see that it was a print-out of an email titled “Your Question.”


This, of course, inspired social media users to accuse CNN of running “fake news,” as the question Hardaway asked Cruz was clearly not written by her, but rather, by network executives with a liberal agenda in mind.

“Fake news,” is probably a vast understatement when it comes to CNN, which has also been labeled the “Clinton News Network.” This is just par for the course in their game of media manipulation.