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I actually didn’t know that Ted Cruz had a sense of humor worth bragging about. After seeing this though…I can see he has one, and it’s a dang good one too.

If you liked Ted Cruz before, you’re going to find a whole new level of respect for him after seeing this. I mean…just wait until you see how is OWNED an attack from a liberal site.

He was just minding his own business…they are the ones that picked a fight with someone that they can’t win.

The sports site, Deadspin, just got their asses handed to them for being…jerks. It’s hilarious!

The writer Ashley Feinberg is the one who started it all… with the story entitled: “Send Us Proof Ted Cruz Playing Basketball”

Here at, there’s nothing we love more than sport. So we were delighted to learn that perpetual failed candidate for president Ted Cruz started a weekly Senate basketball game in hopes of making his colleagues hate him less. Which is great for Ted Cruz, but doesn’t do much for us. We want to right this wrong and share Ted’s love of baskethoop with the world. We want Ted Cruz basketball pics.

They tweeted out this request.

Send us proof of Ted Cruz playing basketball

— Deadspin (@Deadspin) January 23, 2017

Cruz then tweeted back at them with a picture of Duke University guard, Grayson Allen, who does look something like Cruz.

Deadspin was no doubt surprised with the response.

Deadspin’s response was less than classy:

Ted Cruz noted it.

The Wikipedia page for Deadspin immediately reflected the victory.

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