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In just four days, Donald J. Trump will officially be inaugurated as President of the United States, marking what will undoubtedly be the most momentous occasion of his entire life. Simultaneously, it will mark the most disappointing moment of Hillary Clinton’s entire life.

Hillary will attend the historic inauguration this Friday, and her philandering husband Bill will be by her side as Trump is sworn in. The Democratic nominee will be forced to watch quietly from the sidelines as Trump takes the job she has long been desperate to hold.

“It has to be an emotionally difficult day, but she won’t give any outward sign,” said Robert Shrum, a Democratic party consultant. “She will have a stiff upper lip.”

MRC Blog reported:

This isn’t the first time that a losing candidate has been forced to watch his or her opponent get inaugurated. Outgoing vice-presidents Richard Nixon in 1961 and Al Gore in 2001 each watched the man who beat them be inaugurated.

Grace Bennett, editor and publisher of Inside Chappaqua, called Hillary’s decision to attend Trump’s inauguration at all a “classy move.”

“I think it was probably a tough call,” she said. “It tells you a lot about what she’s made of. She can rise above her own disappointment and loss and be a witness to history with a different set of eyes from Trump supporters.”

It certainly will be satisfying to watch Hillary Clinton as she is forced to view her opponent’s inauguration, knowing the dirty tactics she employed to try to get elected, and the trail of scandals she left behind her even before deciding to run for president.

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