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Wow! You couldn’t get a better action movie than this one and it even had a happy ending… well, for everyone except the bad guy, that is and the victim of the crash. An armed motorist was credited with saving the life of an Arizona state trooper by shooting and killing a gunman who ambushed the trooper in the middle of a lonely interstate highway before dawn Thursday.

“I would just say at this point, thank you, because I don’t know that my trooper would be alive today without his assistance,” Col. Frank Milstead, director of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, said after he met with the seriously injured trooper at the hospital. The motorist didn’t think of his own safety at all or the possible consequences… he came to the rescue of the trooper. The 27-year veteran officer was answering a call for shots fired when he stopped at an accident that occurred about fifty miles outside of Phoenix near Tonopah. When he got there, the attacker ambushed him and shot him in the shoulder. Then he jumped on the downed officer. That’s when our hero stopped and came running. He shot the bad guy and killed him, then helped the injured officer. Another passerby called in the altercation and they waited for the police to get there.

From Louder with Crowder:

Let’s start the weekend with a “good guy with a gun” story. An Arizona trooper was pinned down, after an assailant opened fire on him. Luckily, one of the passers-by was holding…

An armed passerby fatally shot a suspect who had opened fire on a trooper in an apparent ambush attack. The law enforcement officer, who was responding to a shots fired call, stopped to investigate a car crash along Interstate 10 near Tonopah on Thursday.

The incident started shortly before 4:30 a.m..With a 911 call from a driver east of California who said somebody shot at his car from the median, television station KPHO in Phoenix reported.

According to Col. Frank Milstead, the director of DPS, the trooper was responding to the shots fired call when he came upon a single-vehicle rollover wreck near Tonopah. A woman had been ejected from that vehicle.

The woman in the initial accident was ejected from the flipped car. She did not survive. If that Good Samaritan had not done what he did and had not been armed, that officer would have been murdered right there on the spot. The officer, who has not been identified yet, is said to be in stable condition and will survive thanks to a good guy with a gun.

“As the trooper exited his vehicle and began to lay out flares, it appears at this point that he was ambushed by the suspect,” Milstead said. “In the initial confrontation, the suspect shoots the trooper in the shoulder [and] right chest area at least one time, possibly twice, disabling the use of the trooper’s right hand and right arm.” The gunman then attacked the trooper with his hands, bashing his head into the pavement. “The trooper says, ‘Please help me,’ and asks the uninvolved third party for help,” Milstead said. “That person retreats back to his vehicle, removes his own weapon from the vehicle, confronts the suspect, giving him orders to stop assaulting the officer. The suspect refuses. The uninvolved third party fires, striking and killing the suspect.”

The hero was only described as a guy with his wife heading to California. A hero and another Good Samaritan did the right thing and a police officer is alive because of their actions. I would call that a very happy ending to a very tragic series of events. My hat’s off to the guy who took the bad guy down. Yet one more reason to always be armed.

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