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The Ghost Squad, a hacking group spawned from the Anonymous hacktivist collective, claims it took down the official websites of the BlackLivesMatter movement last year in a protest against actions taken by some of the campaign’s supporters.

The Anonymous group claims it conducted a series of persistent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks in order to totally shut down both sites.

I am not for playing dirty like this, but as the left LOVES to use tactics like this to shut down free speech, I say, “what comes around…goes around.”

What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Black Lives Matter and their ilk LOVE to shut others down that disagree.

The explains:

The DDoS attacks caused the web host for to completely suspend the domain, while the domain had its homepage defaced. Then, on 30 April, the Ghost Squad hackers took down the domain of worldwide again and posted proof on Twitter. Visitors who managed to access the domain received the message: “We’re making a few updates and we’ll be back shortly!”

Twitter user @_s1ege, one of the Ghost Squad members behind the attack, told HackRead: “We targeted the BlackLivesMatter Movement. We have been watching several members of their movement hold racist signs and attack innocent individuals over cultural appropriation while speaking English.

“I, s1ege, started this operation after attacking the KKK [because] I realised the individuals in the BlackLivesMatter movement were acting no better – some even promote genocide of the Caucasian race. This will not be tolerated. What angered me and the other members was that the leaders do not speak on this topic. This was not the dream of Martin Luther King Jr, and should not be supported or promoted by any movement. All Lives Matter!”

BlackLivesMatter relies on a false narrative to accomplish the task. They repeat over and over: “Hands up… don’t shoot” even tho it was proven to be false. Ends justifies the means ya know!