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As radical Islamic terror groups continue their assault on countries backed by the United States, the Taliban has struck again, this time killing 38 people and wounding even more.

Twin bombings near government offices in Afghanistan’s capital have killed 38 people, including civilians, police officers and military personnel. 72 others were wounded, Public Health Ministry official Mohibullah Zeer said. The explosions were set off close to the gates of the American University of Afghanistan.

Brig. Gen. Charles Cleveland, a U.S. military spokesman in Kabul, told Fox News:

“We’ve seen the reports of the explosions in Kabul this afternoon and we’re monitoring the situation closely. We condemn any attack that seeks to undermine the Afghanistan government and undermine the government’s efforts to create a peaceful, stable, secure Afghanistan.”

According to Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi, a suicide bomber struck first, followed by a car bomb. The Taliban has already claimed responsibility for the dual attacks.

AFF reported:

Earlier in the day, a suicide bomber struck in the southern Helmand province, killing at least seven people, said Gen. Agha Noor Kemtoz, the provincial police chief. The target of the attack was a guesthouse used by a provincial intelligence official in Lashkar Gah, the provincial capital, he said.

Those killed included civilian and military personnel, and six others were wounded in the attack, Kemtoz said. A car full of explosives turned up nearby.

No one claimed responsibility for the Helmand attack, but it bore the hallmarks of the Taliban.

Government officials working in the Middle East are truly risking their lives just to do their jobs each and every day. With the Taliban in the midst of a 15-year war with Afghanistan’s U.S.-backed government, simply functioning in the war-torn nation can prove fatal.

Please pray for the many victim’s of today’s bombings in the Middle East.