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You know…just when you think there is no possible way Obama could get anymore egotistical and fall anymore deeper in love with himself, he goes and pulls this number off. The man has just awarded HIMSELF a medal, and wanted to make sure everyone knows he got it.

I’m actually embarrassed for him…

His popularity is losing momentum, since everyone has found out he’s almost spent a billion on vacations in just the past 8 years, and has gotten NOTHING done for America or her people while in office.

Then he goes and rewards himself this?

Classic douchebag move.

The fact that Obama got Secretary of Defense Ash Carter to award him the Medal for Distinguished Public Service? Literally laughable.

Once the photos were posted on Twitter, you know that the Internet was going to react.


The response from Americans…does not disappoint.

Distinguishes? Meaning…successful, authoritative, and commanding great respect? Uh, nope. Not this guy.

It’s such a shame that he keeps getting medals for doing nothing but destroying the very country he is suppose to be serving. What a joke.

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