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Just two days ago the jaws of Americans out right dropped when they saw the cruel, evil treatment of a disabled, white young man. The culprits? Some nasty black monsters who found think they are just so entertaining, which was obvious by the way they were smiling so easily as they tortured this poor boy.

All of America and parts of the world outside of America had something to say about it…but not him. He was silent. Until now.

People were certain that this crime would be classified as a hate crime, but the only thing coming out of the White House since the incident happened was Josh Earnest and his comment: “too early to tell if this was a hate crime.”

That was it…that’s all we got out of them and not a peep more.

Absolutely nothing from Obama. The same President that leaped to the microphone to make a comment the moment stories broke out where the roles were reversed. Trayvon Martin, when he said “he could have been my son” before any of the facts were even released. Or the Ferguson riot leaders he spoke for and repeated the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” phrase…AGAIN before the facts were in and it was proven a lie.

Nope, this time…when everything was actually on video, and fully disclosed he says… ‘sorry America, there is not evidence enough to prove this was a hate crime…so just wait until the facts are in’

Seriously Obama? That’s all you got for us?

Obama’s America REALLY sucks doesn’t it?

This beating even took place in his hometown of Chicago…and he had nothing to say.

Well, nothing that is, until now…and many wish that he had just remained silent after hearing what he had to say.

Check it out for yourself…

This is just sick and wrong, and the more I think about it the angrier I get at Obama.

Man, it’s late, I’m tired….and Obama has my permission to go slap himself.

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